Day 5: Friday December 17, 2010

The next morning, taking advantage of the low tide, we decided to walk to the town of Lamu. Lamu’s history is not pleasant. Lamu was a prosperous the 19th century trading post specializing in slaves and ivory. The trade in slaves with the Arabs lasted until 1907. After that time Lamu experienced an economic decline. But more recently it has become one of the prime tourist destinations in Kenya. Lamu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Along our walk we saw some interesting things, and when we reached Lamu we admired the old Swahili architecture and visited the very interesting but claustrophobic folkloric museum.

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In the evening we enjoyed swimming and walking along the beach. We then had a great dinner at the Peponi House.

Day 6: Saturday December 18, 2010

Satellite view of Lamu

Satellite view of Lamu Island
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We hired a motor boat and went north along the Lamu channel, then east along the narrow passage between the mainland and Manda island to a small reef. There we snorkeled and enjoyed the tropical fish.

Day 7: Sunday December 19, 2010

We took it easy in the morning, but later we went swimming. In the evening, however, we had a treat. We took a sunset ride with a wooden sailing dhow. The boat was in mint condition and of heavy mahogany construction.