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2007: Near Samos

This web page contains the logs of several short sailing trips and excursions with S/Y Thetis originating from the island of Samos in the Eastern Greek Aegean. The logs cover excursions to south eastern Samos, and short trips to Agathonisi, Arki, Marathi, and Lipsi.

The logs are illustrated with photographs and maps they also include some historical and geographical descriptions of the places visited as well as several links to other related web sites.

Route near Samos
Route near Samos

Thursday June 12, 2007

Today we went on a day trip. On-board were our family friends Mike Horowitz and his wife Dr. Devra Marcus, my wife Alice, and myself.

We departed from the marina at 1040. The wind was 8-10 knots from the NNE. I raised the mainsail and we motor-sailed 11.1 M to Zoodochos Pigi (Ζοωδόχος Πηγή) [37° 46.3' N 27° 03.3' E] where we arrived at 1300.

We had a great time picnicking under the large tent, swimming, and in general relaxing. We departed at 1720. There was a good 10-15 knots favorable breeze from the NNW and we were able to sail with the full main and 60% of the headsail. It was a fast 9.6 M sail and we arrived back to the marina at 1910.

Friday June 22, 2007, Day 1

Satellite View of Agathonisis

Today Alice and I took an overnight trip to the small island of Agathonisi. We departed from the marina at 0955. The wind was 8-20 knots NW, a tail wind. We raised the main and the headsail. We motor-sailed to my favorite cove in Agathonisi (Αγαθονήσι) Gaidouravlako (Γαϊδουραύλακο) [37° 27.2' N 26° 57.7' E] arriving at 1310 after 17.2 M.

The wind here was gusting to 22 knots. We anchored in 5 m depth over sand but the wind was blowing Thetis towards the rocks. After some doing, we launched the dinghy, which was on deck, and we took a shore line from the bow to a rock upwind. This stabilized the boat at 8 m depth. She did not move any more despite gusts from several directions.

We put up the big tent and relaxed. Had lunch and a swim. In the evening, after the obligatory ouzo, we cooked turkey cutlets and rice. It was a pleasant but windy night.

Saturday June 23, 2007, Day 2

We had to return back to Samos because of an engagement tomorrow morning. The wind seemed strong at 20 knots and there were whitecaps. Expecting a headwind and a wet ride, I rigged the spray hood.

We departed Agathonisi at 0810. After 3 M, when we turned N, the wind was almost down to zero and there were no waves just a swell. No chance of sailing. We motored all the 17.9 M to Aliki (Αλική), Samos [37° 42.2' N 27° 00.4' E] at 1140.

Here we put up the big tent and spent a pleasant day. In the evening we raised the dinghy back on deck and departed at 1930 for the marina, 2.4 M away, where we arrived at 2000.

Friday June 29, 2007

Today Alice, our oldest daughter Cynthia, a biology professor in the University of Queensland in Australia, our grandson Alexander, aged 4, and I took a day excursion to a nice cove near Kerveli. We departed the marina at 0920. The wind was 12-15 knots NNE and we sailed with 75% of the headsail but after rounding cape Gatos we had to motor. We arrived in the cove at 1115 after 8.9 M.

We swam and had lunch. Little Alexander, wearing a life vest and after a lot of encouragement, climbed down the ladder and allowed his grandfather and mother to propel him.

At 1750 we departed. The wind was a nice 20-35 knots NNE then 12-22 knots NW and we were able to sail with the full mainsail. After 8.3 M we arrived in the marina at 2000.

Thursday July 3, 2007, Day 1

Route to from Arki
Route near Samos

Today Alice, Cynthia, Alexander, and I took a weekend excursion to Marathi. We departed the marina at 0945. At first, the wind was 12-22 knots NE and we raised the mainsail and sailed nicely but at 1030 the wind was down to 6-12 knots NNW and we had to motor-sail. But after about half an hour we got a 15-20 knot NW wind and turned off the engine and opened 90% of the headsail. It was a very nice sail from that point until we reached Marathi [37° 22' N 26° 43.6' E] at 1410. We had come 23.8 M from Samos.

We caught one of Pandelis’ moorings and spent the rest of the day swimming. Alexander had a great time in the little beach, but refused to swim, even with the life vest. Wonderful fish dinner at Pandelis.

Alexandros in Marathi

Alexandros having fun in Marathi

Boats in Marathi

Boats in Marath

Friday July 4, 2007, Day 2

A day totally devoted to swimming and eating. Pandelis’ grandson, little Pandelis aged 2 ½, graciously shared his beach toys with our Alexander.

Saturday July 5, 2007, Day 3

We departed Marathi at 0725. There was no wind and we had to motor. We did not want, however to arrive in the marina during the hot hours, so we proceeded to the cove just W of Klima [37° 42.4' N 27° 02.3' E], where we arrived at 1215. We had come 26.2 M from Marathi

We anchored in 5 m depth and had lunch. In the afternoon we swam and Alexander this time jumped into the water without any hesitation.

At 1820 we raised the anchor and motored the 4.1 M to the marina where we arrived at 1910.

During this excursion the outboard developed some problem. It had trouble starting. I changed its spark plug but it did not solve the difficulty. After we returned to Samos I took the outboard to the local Yamaha dealer. They did locate the problem to the stop button which was had a short. They ordered a replacement.

Tuesday July 24 - Friday 27, 2007

Today Aliki and my Athens College friend Dimitris Gekas, who also lives in Washington, D.C. area, and I went for a sailing excursion to escape the oppressive heat in Samos expected to reach 43° C (109°F). We left Pythagorio Marina at 1020 and sometimes motor-sailed and sometimes sailed the 23.3 M to Glipapas (Γλίπαπας) [37° 22.4' N 26° 44.4' E], Arki (Αρκοί) arriving at 1415. It was very hot, 37° C (97°F) inside the cabin.

Alice & Dimitris relaxing
Alice & Dimitris relaxing in Thetis

Next day we left at 1030, stopped at 1200 in a cove in SE Lipsi [37° 17.6' N 26° 47.4' E] where we swam and had lunch. Then, at 1630 we went to Lipsi harbor and anchored off [37° 17.9' N 26° 45.3' E] at 1740. All together we had come 11.7 M. At Lipsi, we went ashore and had, at the blue tent, their fantastic grilled octopus and other mezedes (snacks).

The Crew & the Fish at Pandelis'
The Crew & the Fish at Pandelis

On July 26 we left the harbor at 1000 and motor-sailed to Marathi [37° 22' N 26° 43.6' E] 7.2 M away arriving at 1130. In the evening we had an outrageously delicious grilled fish at Pandelis.

On Friday, July 27 we departed Marathi at 0700 and motor-sailed to a cove near Pythagorio, Samos [37° 41.7' N 26° 58' E] where we anchored at 1230. There we swam, had lunch, and waited for the day to cool down. In the evening we raised the dinghy on deck and headed for the marina. Before entering the marina we docked at the fuel station and took 71.6 L of Diesel fuel.

During this excursion I continued having problems with the outboard since its replacement stop button had not yet arrived at the dealer’s. I had to improvise with the old one.