Travels with S/Y Thetis

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2020: Preparation

There were several changes/improvemets this and last year. These were:

  1. Yearly Maintenance:
    1. The sails and the tent, were washed.
    2. Serviced the engine.
    3. Serviced the outboard.
    4. Serviced the genset
    5. Serviced the dinghy.
    6. Inspected the rigging.
    7. Checked the autopilots.
    8. In addition, there was the yearly maintenance of the hull and keel: eliminating all scratches, polishing of the hull and stainless rails, and applying of anti-fouling painting.

Monday July 20, 2020

I arrived in Leros from Athens with the 11 AM Olympic Airways flight. I already had arranged with Moor & Dock to have a rental car waiting for me at the airport. After I loaded my things in the car I drove the short distance to the yard.

Thetis was in very prominent place and looked lovely. She was very clean, inside and out, and all her stainless steel work was freshly polished. After I moved my bags in the boat I walked to the office greeting every one. All the staff was wearing masks and there was a sign at the door requesting all clients to put on a mask before entering. I retrieved from the storage room the tent and put it up because the day was hot.

After I put up the tent I drove to the supermarket in Kamara and got some basic provision. I will do my main provision shopping tomorrow. Back on the boat I stowed most of my belongings.

In the evening I walked to the Archontiko taverna which is right across from the airport. I had a rather indifferent meal. I met there a French couple who are in the yard with a small motor cruiser.

Tuesday July 21, 2020

I woke up at 3 AM unable to sleep any more. I read until 6 and then I made my morning large cup of Turkish coffee. I have been reading Allison Winn Scotch's Cleo McDougal Regrets Nothing.

After the office opened I went there, wearing a mask. There are 3 ladies all named Irene. Irene #1 (Dinou) controls the accounts and is the overall office manager. Irene #2 (Tsigada) is in charge of customer relations, and Irene #3 is on the chandlery store.

In the chandlery, store Irene #3 told me that she had received the fender covers that I had ordered last year. So I brought them to the boat.

Now Irene #2, in the main office, had prepared for me, on line, a form that will allow Thetis to be in Greek waters from July to the end of October. She printed it for me. The fee for this was 130 €. We tried to pay it on line from my NBG account but it asked for the recipient name and rejected all our guesses. Following this I drove to Lakki and paid this fee in the Post Office. That receipt attached to the printed form is all that is needed before Thetis is launched.

After that, I walked to the nearby NBG ATM and withdrew some cash. Then, it was the time for provision shopping. I got fruits, vegetable, cheeses, some ground meat etc.

Back in the yard I stowed all the provisions and most of my belongings.

In the early afternoon I had a water delivery from the truck that has spring water. I topped the tanks. After that I drove the 2 empty yellow Diesel jerry cans and the small empty gasoline canisters to the service station and filled them. I also added some fuel to the car so that I can return it tomorrow with at least as much fuel as it had when I got it yesterday.

In the evening I had a shower in the yard’s facilities but the water was Luke warm.

I had a little ouzo and then, around 8:30 I walked back to the Archontiko taverna. I had a much better chicken meal. Back in the boat I went to bed around 9:30.