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Thetis 2021: Excursions from Samos

This web page contains the logs of 2 excursions I took with S/Y Thetis from the island of Samos. I sailed with a friend from Samos Marina to Tsopela and back to the Samos Marina. Then I solo sailed to Agathonisi, Kyriakou, Mycale, and back to Samos Marina.

The logs include either some historical and geographical descriptions of the places visited or links to these descriptions. Also included are links to other related web sites.

Route Near Samos
The island of Samos

Sunday June 13 to Saturday June 26, 2021

During this time Thetis stayed in the marina.

Sunday June 27, 2021, Day 1

I took out Thetis for a day excursion with my chilhood friend Jenny Assimakopoulou who was visiting me in Samos.

While Jenny has been on several motor yachts she had never been on a sailboat. We took with us provisions from Kalami for an overnight.

We departed from the marina at 0942. The wind was a light 6-10 knots from the NNW, too light for sailing so we motored heading for the Kyriakou cove on the S side of Samos. The sea there looked kind of choppy so we continued to Tsopela [37° 38.3' N 26° 49.9' E] where we arrived at 1100 after 7.6 M. I anchored in 5 m depth with 30 m of scope.

The first thing I did was to lower the dinghy so that I could snorkel and check the anchor. It was well set. We spent the rest of the morning swiming in the clear water. We then had our lunch.

After we rested I took Jenny with the dinghy to the nearby tiny cove but she got scared after seing the large hanging bolders.

Jenny's legs were hurting because after a skying accident she had a brace inserted inside her left leg. So, she did not feel like spending the night here.

I covered and raised the dinghy on its davits and we departed at 1800 heading back to the Samos Marina [37° 41.45' N 26° 57.49' E]. We arrived there at 2010 and docked without any problems on the C17 spot. All together we had covered 15.5 M.

Jenny Assimakopoulou
Jenny Assimakopoulou in front of Thetis

Monday June 28 to Friday July 9, 2021

Thetis was at the marina.

Saturday July 10, 2021, Day 1

Jenny left yesterday and I decided to take advantage of the days before the expected arrival on July 26 of my daughter Corinna and her family and take a few days excursion with Thetis. After leaving Jenny yesterday morning at the airport I drove to the marina. I first plugged her in to the marina’s AC and turned on the refrigerator. Then I installed the speed log impeler and removed all water, mostly fresh, from the bilges. Before leaving the boat I took stock of her provisions. On my drive back to our Kalami house I stopped at the Bazaar supermarket and bought needed extra provisions, including two 6-packs of spring water. I left all the provisions in the car trunk except of the few perishables.

This morning I packed the perishable provisions and left our Kalami house at 8:45. After I got to the marina I unloaded the car and called Aramis that the car was available for them to pick up. After installing all the provisions in the boat I was ready to depart. I left the AC cord as well as the chain and steel spring lines on the quay and departed the marina at 0955.

The wind was 12-25 knots NNE. I left the large tent on and feeling kind of lazy I motored heading for the small island of Agathonisi. This I later regretted because it was my only chance to sail. It was a bumpy ride on a heading of 160.

At 1258 we arrived at the Gaidoravlako - Γαiδοραύλακο (Donkey River) cove [37° 27.2' N 26° 57.67' E] at 1258 after 17.9 M. I dropped the anchor over a sandy area in about 5 m depth and let out 35 m of scope. Right away I raised the dinghy so that I was able to squeeze under it to the swimming ladder and snorkle to check the anchor. It was very well set. Then while I was cool I lowered the dinghy, removed its cover, and re-inflated it.

The afternoon was windy with gusts up to 28 knots mostly from the N. I had to make several jumps in the water to keep cool. Ashore there was a couple under an improvised shed. Later came a Swedish flagged S/Y with 2 men and a young lady. They anchored some distance S of Thetis.

I made my berth in the right cabin with clean beddings. This, because of the fitted lower sheet, is a time consuming process. Fortunately I did not skip the blanket, but kept it folded at the bottom of the berth.

I decided to go to the harbor for dinner. But before I left with the dinghy I removed the large tent that was flopping with the wind. I also hanged a battery operated light from the boom. Then I got into the dingy and drove to Sant Giorgio the harbor of Agathonisi. There I went to my favorite Glaros taverna where Alice and I had eaten so many times. The proprietor, Yiannis, greeted me very warmly. He served me as an appetizer a dish of grilled fresh squid - καλαμάρια to be followed by a delicious dish of a stuffed tomato and a stuffed pepper. Next to my table sat the young Swedish couple.

By the time I returned to Thetis the Swedish boat was departing. I was in my berth just after 10:30. I was glad to have the blanket because during the night I got cold and used it.


Sunday July 11, 2021, Day 2

I woke up around 5:45. I had my morning coffee and then went ashore with the dinghy for a hike. Before that I installed the small bimini that fits under the boom. I did not install the large tent. I then inspected the dinghy to see that it did not need any more air.

I walked on the rough terrain, mostly following the bed of a dry stream. The hike took a little over 1 hr. In the past here I walked further but now I got somewhat scared that I may have a bad fall in this deserted place.

Back on the boat it was very windy and I was glad that I had not put up the large tent. I read the two book that I had been reading back in Kalami: Lindsay Marcott’s Mrs. Rochester’s Ghost: A Thriller on my Kindle, a long story inspired by Jane Eyre. The second book was Arthur C. Clarke’s & Paul Preuss’ Arthur C. Clarke’s Venus Prime 5 by The Diamond Moon the 5th of the series.

In the afternoon the wind subsided but it was very hot. After 3 PM I put up the large tent. I then transfered one of the jerry cans with Diesel fuel. I hope the weaker wind will stay so that it would be easy for me to get back to Samos tomorrow morning.

In the evening I went with the dinghy to the harbor for dinner. I ate again at the Glaros. Yiannis sugested kakavia (κακαβιά - an assorted fish soup) he had made with small scorpios fish (σκορπιός - Scorpaena notata). It was delicious.

Back on Thetis I went to my cabin just before 10.

Monday July 12, 2021, Day 3

After I got up I had my obligatory coffee while reading the news on my iPad. I contemplated whether to depart or not. It was windy around 18-25 knots from notherly directions. I finally decided to go.

First I put up the bimini. At that time I realized that I was missing the dinghy’s cover. I looked to no avail everywhere in the boat. The only thing I could think was that it must had fallen overboard. Although the sea water was cold I put on my mask and flippers and jumped into the water. Sure enough there it was not far from Thetis. It was 7 m deep. I dove and grabbed it. Although when younger I used to free dive and spear fish in up to 20 m depths now the 7 m was challenging. At any rate, the cover was retrieved. I put it, wet as it was, inside the dinghy.

After this adventure I raised the dinghy on its davits and secured it. I then pulled up the anchor and departed from Gaidoravlako at 0820. We motored and rounded the W side of the island and then set the autopilot to a course of 340 for the Kyriakou cove on the S side of Samos. The wind was a gusty 10-23 knots from the NNE. The sea had a considerable irregular swell. Not the most pleasant ride. During the passage the V/Ah/A meter stopped working. After about 1 hour it came back. I had no idea what caused this but I will be watching.

After 14.6 M we arrived at our destination the Kyriakou [37° 38.3' N 26° 51.8' E]. The time was 1110. I anchored in 5 m depth with 30 m scope. By that time the wind had diminished somewhat.

I put up the tent and lowered the dinghy. Then I snorkeled to the anchor and saw that it was nicely buried in the sand.

In the afternoon it got rather hot over 33°C (91.4°F). I had to make frequent jumps in the water to cool off. All was well until the evening when the wind increased and so did the swell. I removed the tent that was flapping wildly.

For dinner I had a turkey meat patty and some pasta with garlic cooked lightly in olive oil. This was accompanied with 2014 vintage Kalami wine. But it was too hot to sleep in the cabin. So, I slept in the cockpit for 2 hours and then moved into the cabin. I did not sleep very well.

Tuesday July 13, 2021, Day 4

I had been planning to spend time here in Kyriakou but the wind did not allow to put up the tent and the swell made it unpleasant. The wind was 12-25 knots ENE. So, I opened the bimini and decided to depart for Mycale this morning instead of this afternoon.

I raised the dinghy and then the anchor. The time was 0745 and I motored E. The wind by that time was 10-20 knots ENE, once again a head wind with no chance of any sailing.

We arrived in Mycale [37° 42.2' N 26° 58.7' E] at 0920 after 7.95 M. I anchored in 3.5 m depth with 25 m of chain. It was hot.

I lowered the dinghy and snorkeled to the anchor. It was properly buried in the sand. As the wind was getting less strong I put up the tent.

I spent the day jumping in and out of the water to cool off and arranging my thing to take back to Kalami. I called Aramis and arranged for a rental car delivered in the marina tomorrow morning. I also called the marina to make sure that there will be an attendant tomorrow morning to help me moor. I was told that Costas is due by 8 AM but maybe, just to be certain, I should not arrive before 8:30.

Here the sun was still strong past 8:00 PM while the hot wind, was once again up beating on the tent. Finally I removed the tent.

For dinner I had the 2nd meat patty along with a potato salad that I had made earlier, to be followed with melon.

I had already given up trying to sleep in my starboard cabin, so by 10 I was lying down in the cockpit. I woke at about 2 AM feeling cold so, I moved in side the cabin and went back to sleep.

Wednesday July 14, 2021, Day 5

I woke up at 5:30 AM. It was still windy but now the wind came from the WNW. After sipping my coffee while reading the news and the weather on my iPad I got ready to raise the dinghy. This time the procedure was more complicated because I had to cover it before raising it.

After the dinghy, I prepared the things that I will tale to Kalami and I also prepared Thetis for the marina. I took the 2 spring lines to her bow, I had left the lines with the chain and steel springs at the C17 quay, and hanged the 6 fenders.

We departed at 0825. While underway I hailed the marina on the VHF channel 9 and spoke to Costas. He was expecting me.

We arrived in the marina [37° 41.45' N 26° 57.49' E] at 0845 after 1.47 M. Costas was at our C17 spot. After the boat came to a stop, I went to the bow and he handed me the moring line. But because of the northerly wind by the time I took the line to the stern the boat had drifted away. I had to engage the engine forward. This was repeated 3 times before she was properly moored. Costas was a great help.

Soon the rental car arrived, and I took 2 bags of thing to go to Kalami. After saying goodbye to Costas and Catherine of S/Y Makai I drove to Kalami. On the way I stopped in Samos and gave the problematic Raytheon GPS/Chart Plotter to the ACS courier to be shipped to Moor & Dock. Maybe they can repair it.

This is the end of this 5 day cruise.