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Thetis 2021: Excursions Near Samos

This web page contains the logs of several excursions I took with S/Y Thetis near the island of Samos. I took a day excursion with my daughter Corinna and her family to Mikri Lakka. Then we sailed from Samos Marina to Marathi. Next day we sailed to Tiganakia, and back to Marathi for the night. The 3rd day we sailed to Mycale, for the day, and then back to the Samos Marina.

On Sunday August 22 there was a full moon. I sailed to Mikri Lakka to watch the moonrise.

The logs include either some historical and geographical descriptions of the places visited or links to these descriptions. Also included are links to other related web sites.

Route Near Samos
The island of Samos

Thursday July 15 to Thursday July 29 2021

Thetis was in the marina.

On July 26 my younger daughter Corinna together with her husband Siva Sundaresan and her sons Rohan (10) and Leander (6) arrived in Samos.

Friday July 30, 2021

We, Corinna, Siva, Rohan, Leander, and I, took a day trip from the marina to Mikri Lakka [37° 45.459' N 27° 1.654' E].

On the way there was an 8-15 knot ENE opposite wind and we motor-sailed. We arrived, after 9.7 M at 1208. With Corinna driving I dropped the anchor in 5 m depth and let out 35 m of chain. The boat settled in about 9 m depth. I uncovered and lowered the dinghy after which I snorkeled and checked the anchor.

Soon after our arrival a group of horses and their rider from Panouris ranch came. Several of the horses swam. While the horses were still in the cove a group of about 10 canoeists came from the near by Mourtia and continued to Megali Lakka. After a while they returned and spent some time on the beach.

We had a good time here under the tent. Rohan was very active driving the dinghy all by himself. He then drove around his mother and after she gave her approval to his delight he drove his younger brother Leander.

Rohan driving the dinghy

Around 6 PM I covered and raised the dinghy on its davits, then I removed the tent and uncovered the mainsail. We raised the anchor and departed at 1840. As soon as we cleared the land we raised the mainsail. Unfortunately the 3rd reef line came loose and pulled itself out of the boom. Nevertheless we had a fast downwind sail with a 10 to 20 knot N wind. This lasted until we passed Cavo Fonias. After changing course to 090 heading back to the marina the wind became somewhat erratic and while Corinna held the tiller I kept adjusting the sail's tension and angle. When we were almost 3.5 M from the marina we had to start the motor and motor-sailed. Before entering the marina we lowered the mainsail and hanged the fenders.

We arrived in the marina [37° 41.45' N 26° 57.49' E] at 2050 again after 9.7 M and moored in our C17 berth bows-to. Corinna jumped on the quay and tied a temporary line while I got the dirty mooring line and secured it to the stern. I then had to remove the speed-log impeller and take care of a number of small things in the boat.

Because by that time it was rather late, we ate at the marina café. By the time we made it back to Kalami it was past 11:00 PM. But it was a good day and the kids had a wonderful time.

Rohan & V
Rohan driving Thetis

Monday August 9, 2021, Day 1

Corinna, Siva, Rohan, Leander, and I, took a 3 day trip to Marathi and Tiganakia.

With the kids it took a fairly long time before we left the Kalami house. We drove via Vathi to get bread, spanakopitas (spinach pies), bread rolls, etc.

At the marina I had to install the speed impeler, remove the AC connection, the heavy steel spring lines, replacing them with temporary double lines, and finally removing the front ladder. I also opened the bimini with the expectation of a downwind sail. It was not until 1100 when we departed from the marina.

Outside the marina we raised the full mainsail. The wind was 10-24 knots from the NNW. We had a very nice downwind sail to the NW corner of Arki island. As we were less than 0.5 M from Marathi we lowered and tied down the sail.

We entered the Marathi cove [37° 22' N 26° 43.6' E]. There were 3 free Pandelis’ moorings. The first one we tried but as we hooked it its line broke. The second one was rather close to the dock so we caught the third. We then put up the tent. After that we lowered the dinghy and went ashore.

We had requested a room and now Siva installed himself there. Shortly after that, a fairly large motor cruiser arrived and after anchoring, not very far from Thetis, took 2 shorelines to the rocks.

The kids spent the rest of the day going ashore with the dinghy and back to Thetis. Everyone except Siva swam a lot as it was a hot day.

In the evening both boys wanted to sleep in Thetis. Corinna asked them to flip a coin. Leander won, so Rohan was to sleep ashore with Siva. After freshening up we all went ashore to Pandelis for dinner. I had a portion of a baked fish and a salad while everyone else had an assortment of vegetarian delicacies plus 2 plates of fried potatoes.

After dinner Corinna, Leander, and I, returned to Thetis. Corinna and Leander slept in the front cabin while I slept in my usual right cabin. There was some noise from the nearby cruiser; during the whole night they kept their generator running and all their deck lights on.

Tuesday August 10, 2021, Day 2

Sunrise in Marathi

After several boats left, Siva and Rohan finally made their appearance. I went ashore with the dinghy and brought them to Thetis. Then I went with the dinghy to a free mooring closer to the shore and some distance to the left of Pandel’s pier. I tied the dinghy to this mooring and then swam back to Thetis.

We cast off at 1030 and motored the 1.45 M to Tiganakia [37° 21.6' N 26° 45' E] arriving at 1045. We anchored in 5 m depth and let out 25 m of chain. After that we put up the tent.

We spent the day with a lot of swimming, everyone except Siva who just watched. Corinna and the boys played with the inflatable kayak that they had brought along. Siva also went around with the kayak.

Finally at 1550 we raised the anchor and motored back to Marathi. By 1615 we had tied Thetis to the mooring that I had secured with the dinghy this morning. The outboard developed a bad noise whenever somebody pulled its starting cord.

Again, like last night we ate at Pandelis’s. For me Katina had sent a nicely grilled Sargos - Σαργός while the rest of the family were served an assortment of mezedes and patatoes for the boys.

This night it was Leander’s turn to sleep ashore with Siva and Rohan's turn to sleep in Thetis with Corinna and me. The night, unlike last night, was, thanks to our mooring location, quiet and without exhaust fumes and with appreciable less swell. We, all three, slept well.

Wednesday August 11, Day 3

After we managed to collect Siva and Leander we raised the dinghy on its davits and departed Marathi at 0930.

The wind was 8-15 knots from the NNE, a contrary wind so we opened the bimini and motored. We arrived in Mycale [37° 42.1' N 26° 48.2' E] at 1230. We anchored in 4.5 m over sand and let out 30 m of scope. We had come 26.3 M.

We put up the tent and lowered the dinghy. I noticed that a number of bolts on the wooden blocks on which the dinghy rests when raised were brocken. This is a problem that needs to be addresses as well as the noise whenever somebody pulled the outboard's starting cord.

The kids spent the afternoon playing with the kayak and the rest us swimming. As the time was progressing we started getting ready to go to the marina. First we removed the tent, hanged the fenders, and prepared temporary docking lines. We departed, Mycale, towing the dinghy, at 1815.

By 1840 and after 1.7 M Thetis was secured in her C17 marina berth. We tied the dinghy at the stern. We loaded the the rental car with our stuff and drove to Kalami. Yiorgos had thoughtfully turned on the path lights. We arrived home just after 8:00 PM.

That is the end of our family small expedition.

Friday August 13

Yiorgos and I drove with his truck to the marina. First we loaded on the truck the outboard. Then we removed the 2 davit arms with the broken bolts on their wooden blocks.

Before leaving the marina I removed the speed meter’s impeler.

Saturday August 14, 2021

Today Siva left Samos. He will sleep in the Athens airport hotel and tomorrow fly back to the US via Amsterdam.

Yesterday afternoon Yiorgos had repaired the outboard and replaced all the bolts from the wooden blocks of the the 2 davit arms. This afternoon he drove with his truck all these to the marina, and I followed with the rental car.

The outboard worked perfectly. Yiorgos then installed the 2 repaired davit arms and left. I then raised the dinghy on its davits.

Sunday August 15 to Saturday August 21

Thetis was at the marina.

On Thursday August 19 Corinna, Rohan, and Leander left Samos. They will be flying on Friday to Salt Lake City, US, via Amsterdam.

Sunday August 22, Day 1

Today is the August full moon. Many times in the past Alice and I have gone to Mikri Lakka in Samos to see the full moon rise from the mountains of Turkey. So I wanted to do so this year as well.

Yesterday I had cut the few serviceable grapes from our Kalami vineyards and in the afternoon with Yiorgos help we crushed them and put them in the stainless primary fermentation vat. So I was free to be away today.

I left our house in Kalami around 7 AM and drove to the marina. I had packed food for the day and other supplies. I had to re-install the speed sensor, re-arrange the docking lines, remove the bow ladder, etc.

Finally at 0855 we were on our way. The wind at the Mycale Channel was 10-25 knots from the N, our heading was 090, and when we round Cavo Fonias, the new heading was 308, and the wind was 5 knots also from the N. After motoring for 8.4 M we arrived at 1040 in Mikri Lakka [37° 45.459' N 27° 1.654' E]. On the way the wind instrument stopped working. Also the the RPM meter was intermitent.

I lowered the dinghy and I put up the tent. Then I had a pleasant day with lots of swimming and reading. I had been reading Evangelos Mavroudis Return to Smyrna: Our sea (in Greek), the first volume of 3 large books, spaning the period from 1897 to 1918.

The Full Moon rising over Anatolia

The full moonrise was at 8:37 PM. It was a glorious sight. I was glad I had made it here to watch it.

Monday August 23, Day 2

First thing in the morning I had my coffee. After that I covered the dinghy and raised it on its davits. I wanted to go back to the marina but I wanted to arrive after 9:30 so that there would ba an attendant to help me moor.

I departed from Mikri Lakka at 0818. The wind, as measured by a hand gage, was less than 5 knots from the N. Again I had to motor. After 9.3 M Thetis was outside the marina. The time was 0930. I hanged the fenders and prepared a temporary docking line. I tried raising the marina with the VHF but there was no response. I tried calling with my mobile phone and again there was no response. I started thinking how I will moor the boat unassisted when the phone rang. It was Costas from the marina. Relief! He will, of course help me dock.

With Costas help docking was very easy. After securing the boat and putting the bow ladder I removed the speed sensor, took all my things to the car and drove back to Kalami.