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Thetis 2022: Haul-out

This web page contains the log of the final haul-out of Thetis in Samos Marina.

Thursday August 25, 2022

I left in the morning our Kalami house and drove to Samos Marina. Yiorgos followed with his truck.

After we arrived in the marina we made arrangements for Thetis to be hauled-out. This was supposed to happen around 11 AM but we had to wait until past 12. While waiting we lowered and removed the mainsail and the headsail. We folded them and placed them in their storage bags. We stored the mainsail in the front cabin and put the headsail, that needed repairs, into Yiorgos’ truck. We removed the permanent docking lines and replaced them with temporary double lines (bidemia - μπιντέμια). Finally the travel-lift single operator arrived and told us to move the boat to the “pool.”

Thetis is being hauled-out in Samos Marina

We cast off and moved the boat to the “pool.” Unlike Moor & Dock the travel-lif was not ready and instead of the Moor & Dock efficiency it took a long time before Thetis was out of the water. Also the the single operator controlled the travel-lift by a remote control attached to his waist.

After the boat was finally out of the water the operator slowly moved her, stil hanging on the travel-lift, infront of the storage area and pressured hosed her bottom.

In the mean time Anitta Kirgeorgiou, the person in Samos who repairs sails had arrived and we gave her the headsail for her to repair it. We also gave her for repairs the dinghy cover.

Monday August 29, 2022

I went to the marina office and they gave me a certificate that Thetis was now on land. I then walked for about 30 minutes, to Pythagorio town to visit the Coast Guard (Λιμεναρχείο) and retrieve Thetis’ peppers. I did not realize that I could has driven most of the way. At the Coast Guard, after I gave them the marina certificate they returned to me Thetis’ peppers.

I then walked to one of the one of Samos Sail yachts and met Kleanthis Tsaparikos who is a licensed mechanic. He told me that he would meet me in the marina. By the time I walked back he, riding a scooter, was already there. We discussed the work that he and his brother will do in the winter. They will dismantle the chart table and remove the fuel tank. After thoroughly cleaning it they will put everything back.

After Kleanthis left I put some order to the boat for her winter stay. Soon Anitta came with the repaired dinghy cover. She kept the headsail to repair it in the winter because it needs more substantial work and she will be away for a few weeks.

I asked the marina to take the now covered dinghy and put it in indoor storage. Soon, they did so.

Wednesday August 31, 2022

I will be leaving Samos tomorrow. So, today I made my last visit to Thetis and made sure that everything was properly stowed and that the boom ends were plugged with rugs. This was done to prevent birds nesting in the boom.