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2010: Leros to Samos

This web page contains the logs of a sailing trip that I and my wife Alice took with S/Y Thetis in the East Aegean in Greece. The logs cover a period of 4 days of sailing from Partheni in Leros, where she was launched, to Samos (Samiopoula, Samos Marina) via the islands of Lipsi (Papandria, Aspronisi), and Arki (Glipapas).

The logs include some historical and geographical descriptions of the places visited as well as several links to other related web sites.

Route to Samos
Route to Samos

Saturday May 1, 2010, Day 1

After returning the rented car and settling the Agmar Marine bill we departed at 1210. We did not go very far. We just motored to Archangelos [37° 11.9' N 26° 46.4' E] 1.3 M away where we arrived at 1230. We anchored over sand in 5 m depth without any trouble.

On the way we had checked the new Tridata which has large numerals and a crisp display, the AIS, the Radar, and the new VHF. All worked well. After our arrival we also checked the genset.

For dinner we just had a simple omelet.

Sunday May 2, 2010, Day 2

We departed from Archangelos at 1013 and since there was no wind at all we motored the 4.8 M to Papandria, Lipsi (Παπανδριά, Λειψοί) [37° 16.8' N 26° 46.2' E] where we arrived at 1100. On the way we also checked the water-maker with its new motor which was backordered last summer. It worked well and it seems to have a larger output then it did with the old motor. We anchored in 4.5 m depth over sand with plenty of scope. When the anchor settled we checked it by gradually reversing. It held well.

There was only one other S/Y here with a British flag. I then tried the outboard. It did not work. After a lot of pulls it started and then sputtered totally flooded. We decided to go back to Partheni tomorrow and have Agmar Marine check the outboard which they had just serviced.

We rowed the dinghy ashore and took a nice long walk. Before leaving Thetis we had started cooking a pot-roast with a piece of pork that we wad bought in Lakki. We cooked it with fresh tomatoes and wine.

For dinner we had the roast with spaghetti along with Kalami wine vintage 2008. This was followed by oranges and tangerines. All together a most pleasant evening and night.

Monday May 3, 2010, Day 3

We raised the anchor and motored back to Partheni (Παρθένι) at 0800. It was good we did so because the engine electric circuit (alternator, tachometer, etc.) was intermittent. I called Agmar on the mobile phone so that they were expecting us. We arrived at 0850 after 4.8 M. We moored side-to alongside Vassiliki. Anastasis was there and helped us with the lines.

Now this is what I appreciated about Agmar. They got into action right away. The junior mechanic Yiorgos (it was he who had serviced the outboard) took it to the shop and dismantled its carburetor. The problem was with the float and its valve. After cleaning the orifice and valve he re-assembled the carburetor and now the outboard was working properly. In the mean time, Panayiotis the master electrician came aboard Thetis and went over the engine wires. Within 5 minutes he had located the cause of the problem. It was a bad contact on the voltage monitoring wire controlling the regulator. He repaired it right away by changing its lug.

With all problems addressed and fixed we departed Partheni at 1135 and headed back north with the intention of stopping in Arki. But we made a lunch stop at Aspronisi 5.95 M along our way. I noticed that the Tridata log was indicating an unreasonably low speed. After consulting its less than explicit manual I manage to calibrate its speed log with the GPS. So the 5.95 M distance is most likely incorrect. We arrived in Aspronisi (Ασπρονήσι) [37° 18.4' N 26° 48.3' E] at 1220.

The sea here was lovely and most inviting. We were sorely tempted to swim but the water was too cold. We had lunch and rested until 1600.

We motored 5 more miles to Glipapas, Arki (Γλίπαπας, Αρκοί) [37° 22.4' N 26° 44.4' E] where we arrived at 1645. We anchored in 3.5 m depth on a patch of sand and let out 35 m of chain. It was lovely here and Thetis was the only yacht, other than 2 small local fishing boats, in the cove.

Later we went ashore for a nice walk. For dinner we had more of the pork pot-roast but with rice this time.

Tuesday May 4, 2010, Day 4

We departed from Arki at 0805. No wind at all so we motored running the water-maker and filled the tanks.

At 1100 we reached Samiopoula (Σαμιοπούλα), the small island off south Samos, where we anchored in its W cove, [37° 37.9' N 26° 47.3' E] in 6 m depth. The color of the water was a translucent emerald green because of the fine sand bottom.

Samiopoula Samiopoula

We went ashore and had a walk but the small taverna and the little church were under lock and key. We could not resist the beaconing waters and we had our first swim for this year. The water however was rather cold.

We left Samiopoula at 1510 and motored to Samos Marina (Σάμος Μαρίνα) [37° 41.5' N 26° 57.3' E] where we arrived at 1700. The attendant showed us to our assigned berth C10 and helped us moor.

We spent the night on board in the marina.

This is the end of the first trip.

May 4 to May 17, 2010

Our Viniyard
Our Vineyard in Kalami

While Thetis was at the marina Alice and I were in our house in Kalami. We bottled 101 bottles of vintage 2009 Kalami wine.

Our faithful cleaning lady Despina thoroughly cleaned Thetis and I topped her water tanks. We took all cushion covers and rugs ashore and washed them.

We also had a southern gale from May 13 to 16.