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2010: Preparation

The main problem with Thetis from last year was galvanic action on the water tanks and possibly on the water-maker. Addressing this problem I had Agmar Marine (now called Moor & Dock) shipyard ran new thick ground wires to the keel from all tanks (water and fuel), the engine, the water-maker, etc. totally bypassing the original, manufacturer installed, and possibly compromised grounding system. I also had them install a ground isolator in the AC circuit.

New equpipmnet and work are:

  1. A DSC Simrad RD68 VHF with NMEA inputs from the GPS
  2. A new Raymarine ST60+ Tridata to replace the old one that stopped giving depth readings
  3. A new galvanic ground AC isolator
  4. Sandblasted the keel
  5. A new sail cover with large letters “THETIS”
  6. A new re-set push button for the Ah meter

These were in addition to the routine maintenance of the engine, outboard, genset, woodwork varnish, hull polishing and waxing, dinghy maintenance etc.

Wednesday April 28, 2010

My wife Aliki and I arrived in Agmar Marine in Partheni, Leros. Thetis looked gorgeous. Irene the friendly and helpful customer relations lady ordered a rented car for us which was promptly delivered.

However we were informed by Mastro Michalis (the chief technical officer) and Angelos (the owner and general manager) that Panayiotis, the electrician, while working recently on the boat noticed two cracks on her ribs in front of the keel. These were possibly caused by the 2007 grounding. They may indicate some hidden de-lamination which can be a very serious problem. After many conversations with both Angelos and Mastro Michalis and telephone conversations with my brother Nikos we decided to go ahead and launch Thetis and after the haul-out in October have Agmar Marine fully investigate the problem.

The Cracks
The Cracks The Cracks

Another problem was bureaucratic in nature. Thetis’ safety inspection certificate had expired but now the authorities dictate that private yachts 10-12 m length need a new license, valid for 8 years, which supersedes the 4 year inspection certificate. This is all to the good but one must pay a large fee and go through several bureaucratic hoops.

We had dinner in Archontiko, the small restaurant across the airport in Partheni.

Thursday April 29, 2010


All morning was spent visiting the tax office in Ayia Marina where we paid 700 € and received several coupons for them. These we took to the Limenarchio (Greek Coast Guard) in Lakki where we paid an extra 750 €. But before we can get the new license certificate we have to produce 3 statements from a surveyor. In the past, the inspection certificate was issued from the Kalymnos office of the Hellininos Neognomon who survey large and small vessels. Now Antonis, the man who handles most of this tedious paperwork for Agmar Marine had contacted Hellininos Neognomon and by the afternoon we received the 3 statements, cost an extra 400 €. What a charade this is?

In the afternoon we got a water delivery and filled the tanks. The water at the yard is brackish so I always buy water from a spring. Also we refilled 2 jerry cans with 47 L of Diesel fuel. The main fuel tank was full.

We had a nice meal at the Milos restaurant in Ayia Marina.

Friday April 30, 2010


Once again the morning was dedicated to the license certificate. After several hours in the the Limenarchio (Greek Coast Guard) we were issued a very unimposing if not disreputable hand-written document. This we were told will be replaced by a formal document but it may take months to arrive.

Before returning to Partheni we bought a load of provisions.

Thetis was launched at 1615. All systems seemed OK. Since this was the last launching for the day and the yard closed. We left Thetis in the “pool” despite some uncomfortable swell.

Right next to the “pool” was M/S Vassiliki belonging to my friends Anastasis and Moo Raftopoulos with whom we went to dinner at Dimitris in Vromolithos. We had a very pleasant evening with our friends.