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2010: Excursions from Samos

This web page contains the logs of two excursions with S/Y Thetis from the island of Samos (Samos Marina). The first was just a two day excursion to the small islands of Marathi and Arki. The second was a day excursion to the nearby small island of Samiopoula.

The logs include several links to other related web sites.

Route to Marathi
Excursions from Samos

June 16 to July 13, 2010

Thetis was in the Samos Marina while Alice and I stayed in our house in Kalami. During this time I vacuumed the cabin. I also purchased a small water pressure pump and used it to clean the deck and the cockpit. This is the cleanest they have almost ever been.

Wednesday July 14 to Friday July 16, 2010

Alice and I took a Thetis an overnight excursion to Marathi and then to Glipapas, Arki for the second night.

The wind was strong and gusty on our way to Marathi and we had a lovely sail.

On our way back to Samos on Friday we had a head wind and motor-sailed. During the passage the autopilot stopped working. I replaced it with the spare and all was OK.

Later, after we moored in the marina, I repaired the autopilot. Its failure was caused by a brake on the actuator cable.

Before going to the Samos Marina on Friday we stopped until 7 PM in Mycale [37° 42.4’ N 26° 58.7’ E].

Before mooring on our C19 berth we topped the Diesel tank with 56 L (75 €) at the filling station.

Saturday July 17 to Wednesday July 21, 2010

Thetis at the marina. I re-provisioned her the next cruise.

Monday August 23 to Friday September 10, 2010

Thetis was at the marina. I washed the tent, bimini, and sprayhood with the pressure hose. Also washed the deck and cockpit, again with the pressure hose, and topped the water tanks. Alice cleaned the cabins and washed all the linen and towels.

Saturday September 11, 2010

Alice and I took a day excursion to small island of Samiopoula with our old friends Frosso and Elias Vasiliades who were visiting us in Samos for a few days.

We left the marina at 1007 and since there was almost no wind we motored arriving in the E cove of Samiopoula [37° 37.9' N 26° 47.3' E] at 1150 after 9 M. We swam and had a picnic lunch.

We departed at 1730 and after slowly circumnavigating Samiopoula we opened the headsail and sailed downwind for about 6 M. We were back in the marina at 1930 after 12.1 M.