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2013: More Excursions from Samos

This web page contains the logs of two more excursions with S/Y Thetis originating from the island of Samos:

  1. To Psalida in the small island of Samiopoula.
  2. To Tiganakia and Marathi.

The logs include either some historical and geographical descriptions of the places visited or links to these descriptions. Also included are links to other related web sites.

Routes near Samos
Excursions from Samos

Monday August 26 to Monday September 16, 2013

Thetis was in Samos Marina. During this time I investigated the problem with her batteries. They do not seem to sustain their voltage to run the refrigerator after a full charge for more then 12 hours. After speaking with Mr. Michalis Christodoulou, whose company made the batteries, I measured each cell, following his instructions, with a hydrometer. I found that 2 out of the 6 cells had density below normal. I spoke with Mr. Michalis again. He reminded me that the batteries are now over 6 years old. They were replaced in September of 2007. He recommended that I should replace all rather then the 2 defective cells.

Also, during this time we harvested and pressed the grapes for our 2013 vintage Kalami wine.

I thoroughly cleaned the boat, inside and out.

Yiorgos, our faithful Kalami caretaker, who was a plumber before his retirement, brought his ark welding equipment and welded the broken swimming ladder.

Tuesday September 17, 2013

Our daughter Cynthia and our grandson Alexander who were visiting us from Brisbane, Australia joined Alice and me for a day excursion to Samiopoula. We left the marina at 1017. The wind was 5-10 knots from the S and we motor-sailed with the headsail. We arrived in the Psalida (Ψαλίδα) cove of Samiopoula [37° 38' N 26° 47.4' E] at 1205 after 9.2 M. We anchored in 6 m depth with 45 m scope.

We had a nice day with lots of swimming and a picnic lunch. Alexander had a great time driving the dinghy and perfecting his control.

At 1740 we departed. It was calm and there was no wind so we motored for 9.4 M back to the marina where we arrived at 1910. By the time we secured the boat we were too tired and instead of going home directly we stopped at the reliable Kotopoula (Chickens) taverna in Vathy where we had a good meal.

Wednesday September 25, 2013, Day 1

Today we took another excursion with Thetis. As before, we were Cynthia, our grandson Alexander, Alice and I. We departed from the marina at 1022 and headed S to Arki. The wind was a light northerly breeze of 5-8 knots. We motor-sailed with the full genoa and the tent. At 1415 and after 23.6 M we arrived in Tiganakia (Τηγανάκια) [37° 21.6' N 26° 45' E], just S of Arki. We anchored in 7 m depth we 35 m scope.

We swam and had lunch. Then at 1620 we raised our anchor and, towing the dinghy with it outboard, motored the 1.2 M to Marathi [37° 21.9' N 26° 43.6' E]. Cynthia drove the boat and I caught one of Pandelis’ moorings. The time was 1635.

We all took showers and then went ashore for a walk after which we went to Pandelis. They were expecting us because I had earlier called them. They had kept for us 2 very fresh στήρες (steres - golden groupers) which madam Katina grilled to perfection and also served us several other dishes. It was, as usual a wonderful meal.

Back on board Thetis for the night it felt rather crowded now that we were 4 people. I had forgotten how we used cruise for many years as a family of 4 and often with guests as well.

Thursday September 26, Day 2

We departed from Marathi at 1040 and motored back to Tiganakia. This time however we anchored in a cove [37° 21.9' N 26° 44.8' E] much closer to Arki in 4 m depth and with 25 m of chain.


It was a very nice day and we enjoyed being lazy. While we were there, a lovely trechandiri (traditional Greek wooden boat) came under sail. We all admired this now rare encounter.

In the afternoon, with Alexander driving the dinghy, we landed in Arki and had a good hike.

We had our dinner on board.

The lovely trechandiri
The lovely trechandiri

Friday September 27, 2013, Day 3

We left Tiganakia at 0840 and headed back to Samos. The wind was 5-10 knots from the ESE. We motor-sailed with 50% of the headsail while we sat under the shade of the tent. East of Arki there was substantial swell but as we approached Samos it became smaller.

We arrived in the marina at 1250. It was blistering hot. While securing the boat and disembarking I got dehydrated and felt very dizzy. We retreated to the marina café and after a lot of water and an ice-cream I recovered.

All together though we all had a lovely excursion.

Saturday September 28 to Sunday October 6, 2013

Thetis spent this time in the marina. Cynthia and Alexander returned back to Australia.