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Thetis 2023: Aegean

S/Y Thetis was in Samos Marina until July 19.

On July 20 at 7:35 Yiorgos and I departed from the marina after removing all of S/Y Thetis moorings (spine lines and other ropes). Our destination was Leros. I had already contacted Moor & Dock, in Leros, and informed them that S/Y Thetis will be in Parheni by 2:00 PM and they should, if possible, haul her out.

All the sails were in their bags in the front cabin.

We made good time motoring. No engine related problems. By 12:25 we were at near the M&D lifting “pool”. After a cruiser left the “pool” [38° 11.20' N 26° 18.5' E] Nikolas waved us in. She was hauled out and on her way to her winter resting place by 13:45.

It was beastly hot. Angelos, Antonis, and all the ladies were in M. Michalis air-conditioned office. Michalis was in Lakki seeing a Doctor. Angelos told me that I should not even consider spending the night, as I was planning, inside the boat. At any rate there was almost no work I could do because of the heat. So, I changed my plans and decided to return to Samos together with Y with the 4:30 PM catamaran.

I did some basic things despite the heat but left all her tends on the floor in the main cabin. On 14:45 the taxi that the yard had called for us was there and we took it of Ayia Marina. We bought our tickets and sat at basic restaurant and had beers and a byte to eat. Some time after 4:30 PM the catamaran came and we boarded her.

She stoped in the harbors of Lipsi, Patmos, Arki, and Agathonisi. She arrived in Pythagorio, Samos at about 7:00 pm. There was no problem getting a taxi to the marina where both mine and Y’s cars were left. I got in the car and drove to Kalami.